It all started back in 1995, in a charming little village in the north of the north of France
 Probably intoxicated by the fumes coming from the nearby "genevièvre" factory (where they produce an excellent alcoholic beverage which probably makes people go blind after excessive consumption), a tribe of young men join forces to rage a war against boredom (their own and other people's).

To fight this ferocious battle, anything was possible ... mainly, organising underground concerts, all-night parties by the river, and creating a punky-reggae brass band : the one and only PAMBANIZZA CIRKUS ! 

The brass band in question is not the kind that marches through town on national holidays, mainly because it's very difficult to march through town while playing a large drumkit and carrying 100 watt amplifiers ! 


Then again, when it comes to marching across a stage, PAMBANIZZA have a lot in common with a full-on battle charge.


Every concert is like a TNT cocktail, mixing a good-time party vibe with positive agressivity, some people even say that it's like a good gym session for people who hate sport, with the band feeding off the crowd's energy and vice-versa.


In 1998, PAMBANIZZA CIRKUS decided to invade people's homes with the release of the 4 track "GUERILLAS" EP, on the VERONE MUSIC label.

"We'll only put out 1000 copies, we'll probably have to give most of them away in the end ..."

 Surprise, surprise ! The first 1000 copies were sold out in 6 months and the record has since been re-issued !


In february 2000 the band had a track included on the ³UN HOMMACH¹ A VOUS OTTES² compilation, which featured 16 groups of all styles from the north of France,


before releasing the first ever PAMBANIZZA CIRKUS long player : " VIXENISSIMO", a great adventure in which Russ Meyer rides side by side with the spirit of Bob Marley, listening to the Dead Kennedys, while Ozzy Osbourne handles the steering wheel !
And ever since, the band has carried on touring through France, Belgium and, more recently, Germany and Tchecoslovakia, with an ever evolving line-up (somewhere between 6 and 12 musicians, with an average of around 8 or 9 !), but never without at least a couple of hairy trumpet players, a death metal roadie and a few kegs of beer for the road !


See you on tour and make sure you're in good shape for the gym session !

Phillo maligno - lead
Matt Barman - bass
Steeefff - trumpet
Jahjah Vön Fab - trumpet
Pierrot - trombon
Van Bert VandenCarrette - drums
Van Ben VandenCarrette - guitare
Mr Poule - guitare
Bob Taï Chee Tswann - lead/guitare
Matt Descamps - sound
Babass - sound
Metal Mike - Backline